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    journey to the center of the earth


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    journey to the center of the earth

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    1-Who wrote journey to the center of the Earth?
    -Jules Verne who was a French writer.
    - He was born in 1828 and died in 1905.
    - He wrote several science fiction stories and others of adventure nature.

    2-When did the story take place?
    The story took place in May 1863 in Hamburg.

    3-Who was Professor Lidenbrock?
    He was a great scientist and geologists. He gave lectures at Hamburg university. Geologist came from all over the world to learn from him.

    4-Who was Axel?
    He was a young boy who came to live with his uncle professor Lidenbrock when his parents had died. He often helped his uncle with his work. He was proud to be an assistant of such a famous scientist.

    5-Who was Martha?
    She was the Professor's ****************. She was a very good ****************. She was always worried about the professor's dinner.

    6-What do you know about Dr. Fridrikson?
    He was a geologist and he knew a lot about the many volcanoes in Iceland. He told professor Lidenbrock that all Volcanoes were explored and extinct. He told him about the mountain Sneffels. Dr. Fridrikson was very help full to the professor.

    (2 )
    7-Who came with the professor and Axel? How was he?
    Hans came with them. He was big and calm. He moved slowly and did not say much He was very helpful during the journey.

    8-What do you know about Arne Saknussemm ?
    Arne saknussmmwas a famous scientist from the 16th country. He was the first scientist who reached the centre of the Earth. He wrote a message in a secret code on the parchment which professor Lidenbrock found in the book written by Snorri sturlasson in the 12th country.

    9-What did the professor, at first, think about the writingon the parchment?
    He thought it was written in runes at first.

    10-What are runes?
    Runes are the letters of the old Icelandic alphabet.

    11-Why couldn't the professor understand the writing of theparchment?
    The Professor couldn't understand the writing of the parchment because it was written in a secret code.

    12-Why did the Professor think the parchment was written bythe person who (ouned) the book?
    Because the book and parchment were not written in the same handwriting.

    13-Who was the owner of the book?
    The owner of the book was Arne Saknussemm.

    14-Why was the professor nervous and annoyed?
    Because he couldn't understand the message on the parchment .

    ( 3 )

    Chapter . 2

    15-How did Axel break the secret code of theparchment?
    Axel saw some latin words which he knew so; he could break the secret code.

    16-Why didn't Axel want to show his uncle the letter on theparchment?
    Because he would want to go on this journey to the centre of the Earth himself .

    17-Why was Axel worried about this journey?

    Because his uncle would take Axel with him and they would never return to Hamburg.

    18-What did Professor Lidenbrock do when he read the letter?
    He gave a great cry and jumped to his feet. He was very excited.

    19-What did the secret message say?
    The secret message says "Go down into the crater of Sneffels which the shadow of (scartaris) touches before July. Then you will reach the centre of the Earth"

    20-What did Axel believe about the inside of the Earth?
    Axel believed the inside of the Earth was very hot.

    ( 4 )

    Chapter . 3

    21-What did they prepare for their journey?
    They prepared guns tools and scientific instruments.

    22-How did they travel to the capital of Iceland?
    They traveled by steamer to Copenhagen then sailed north to Iceland. Finally they arrived in Reykjavik the capital of Iceland.

    23-Why was the Professor really excited when Dr. Fridriksontold him about Sneffels?
    Because it was the mountain which would lead them to the centre of the Earth as Arne Saknussemm wrote in the secret message.

    24-How was Dr. Fridrikson Helpful?
    He arranged for a guide ****************ed Hans to take them to Sneffels.

    25-How was the countryside?
    The countryside was bleak. There were no crops and hardly any animals the grass was yellow and there were large rocks everywhere.

    26-How were the Icelanders with them?
    The Icelanders were pleased to see them and they gave them the best food and drink and refused toe take money.

    27-How was the path up to the mountain Sneffels?
    They walked over beds of lave. The rock was sharp. Volcanic rock rose up and they were twisted into strange shapes.

    ( 5 )

    28-What did the Professor think about Sneffels?
    The Professor thought Sneffels was and extinct volcano.

    29-What terrible dream did Axel have?
    Axel dreamed that he was inside a volcano. There was a great explosion and he was shot up out of the volcano like a rocket.

    30-How was the crater of Sneffels?
    The crater of Sneffels was shaped like an ice cream cone.

    31-How did they descend into the crater?
    They used ropes to help them descend into the crater.

    32-What were there at the bottom of the crater?
    At the bottom of the crater there were three chimneys.

    33-Which of the three chimneys had they to descend? Why?
    They had to descent the chimney which the shadow of Scartaris touched at the end of June because Arne Saknussemm had descended before them.

    Chapter . 4

    34-Where did the shadow of (scartaris) fall?
    The shadow (scartaris) fell on the middle of the three chimneys.

    35-How did the professor, Axel and Hans descend the chimney?
    Hans put the tools and scientific instruments into a bag them tied the bag to a rope. He threw the rope down the chimney. They tied a long rope to the edge of the chimney and descended carefully.
    ( 6 )
    36-When did they reach the bottom of the chimney?
    They reached the bottom of the chimney at midnight.

    37-When had Sneffels last erupted?
    Sneffels had last erupted in 1229.

    38-How was the passage like?
    The passage was like a box of jewels.

    39-What was worrying Axel?
    - They had already used half of their water and the journey was still at the beginning.
    - He was worried about running out of water.

    40-What did the professor expect to find?
    The Professor expected to find underground springs of water. They had only enough water for five days.

    41-What path did they take?
    They took the eastern path.
    Chapter . 5

    42-What did Axel begin to feel? Why?
    Axel began to feel more and more tired because the path was going up, not down.

    43-What mistake may they have made?
    They may have taken the wrong path.

    44-What things did Axel see in the eastern passage?
    Axel saw animal'strees and insects pressed in the rocks in the eastern passage.

    45-What did Axel try to do to his uncle?
    Axel tried to persuade his uncle to give up their journey.

    ( 7 )

    46-What did professor Lidenbrock promise Axel to do?
    Professor Lidenbrock promised Axel to go back if they did not find water in the western passage the next day.

    47-What did Axel hear on the other side of the wall of rock?
    There was an underground river on the other side of the wall rock.

    48-Whey did Hans cry out in pain?
    Hans cried out in pain because the jet of water was so strong and hot when it hit him.

    49-Why did they decide to leave the hole in the wall as itwas?
    To let the water of the river run beside them in order to show them the quickest way down.

    50-How did Axel feel after they had found water?
    Axel felt better and was eager to continue their journey.

    51-Whey did Axel fell pain in his ears?
    Axel felt pain in his ears because of the increased air pressure.

    52-When did Axel realize he was lost?
    When Axel bent down to put his hands in the running water beside him, His hands touched dry rock then he realized he was lost.

    53-What happened to Axel when he realized he had lost hisway?
    He ran against rocks and cut himself he was shouting like a madman.

    Chapter Six


    Axel came to himself. He was wakened by the sound of waves. He heard his uncle's voice ****************ing his ****************. The Professor asked him to **************** to calculate the distance between them. He asked Axel to walk as it was 6 kilometres.
    Axel walked down the passage. as the rock was steep. He fell down a well. His head hit a sharp rock and he fainted.
    When Axel awoke, he found his uncle sitting beside him. The Professor gave a cry of joy when Axel opened his syse.


    Axel slept for a long time. When he awoke he saw a sea which the Professor ****************ed "Lidenbrock sea. The san was golden on its beach. The mushrooms were huge and looked like giant umbrellas. They also saw bones of extinct animals. The light was cold and white.
    The Professor decided to cross the Lidenbrock Sea. Hans made a raft by cutting down some trees and tying them together.

    Chapter Seven


    The characters were on the raft sailing on the Lidenbrock Sea. They travelled about 145 kilometres at the end of the second day. Hans was able to catch a strange fish with a flat head and with no tail or eyes. It is extinct in our world. The sea was deep. When the professor threw a pickaxe tied to a rope, it did not reach the bottom, but it was bitten by a sea monster.


    The raft was suddenly lifted by a huge sea monster at night. They were afraid when they saw sea monsters going towards them. Two monsters attacked each other and the fight continued for two or three hours. It ended in the death of one of them.


    On the third day, they saw a fountain rising from the sea. Axel wanted to sail away from it but the Professor asked Hans to go straight ahead.
    They saw a dark shape. It was an island. They landed on it and the Professor ****************ed it after Axel. The fountain proved to be a geyser.


    A storm blew. Axel wanted to lower the sail but the Professor asked him to let the storm take them away. They were at its mercy for three days. Then a ball of fire appeared in the sky and burst. It hit the raft and Axel fainted.
    When Axel woke up, the sea was calm. They were near the shore. They landed on the shore.


    On the shore, they came to a range of hills. They saw bones of extinct animals and a skull of a human. Then, they found a strange forest. The trees were pale yellow with no lowere branches. They saw a herd of mammoths and a very tall man three metres high leaning against a tree. He was a giant shepherd. They were afraid and ran back to the raft.

    English For Third Prep - Term Two - Chapter Six

    Chapter Eight


    Axel found a knife made of steel. Its blade was rough because it had been used for carving. They found the initials A.S. at the entrance of a tunnel. This meant that Arne Saknussemm was in that place, Axel was excited and forgot the dangers of the journey. They decided to get into the tunnel and continue their journey to the centre of the earth.

    After they had walked a few metres, they found a huge rock which blocked their path. Axel and Hans tried to break the big rock with pickaxes, but they couldn't.
    Axel decided to blow the rock up with gun-powder. Hans made a hole in the rock and packed it with gunpowder. Axel made a long fuse. On the next morning, Axel lit the fuse and returned to the raft. There was a great explosion and a huge hole was made in the rock. The sea became one big wave.
    The raft was carried by the water at a great speed. They were falling. They held on to each other in order not to fall. They lost nearly everyting they had on the raft. All they had were some biscuits and a piece of meat.

    Chapter Nine
    The characters were going over a big waterfall. The water was driving them quickly. They landed but soon they rushed up again in a chimney. The Professor asked for food and knew that nearly all their food was lost.

    Around them, the water was boiling, the rocks were burning and the needle of the compass was going in all directions. They were in the middle of an active volcano.
    The raft was spinning around in circles. Red-hot lava and flames were around them. Axel fainted because of the heat around him.
    When Axel opened his eyes, he saw the sky. They were back on the surface of the Earth.

    Chapter Ten

    The volcano had thrown them out of the crater. They were on an island. It was hot and the ground was dry. So, Hans said they were not in Iceland.
    They went down the mountain and came to gardens. As they were hungry they picked fruit from the trees and ate them.

    The Professor asked a small boy in Italian about the mountain. The boy said it was "Stromboli". So they were thrown out of the active volcano of Stromboli in Italy. In the port of San Vicenzo, the people gave them food, drink and new clothes.
    After resting for two days, they went to Marseilles by boat and took the train to Hamburg.

    In Hamburg, the people could not believe the story of the journey to the centre of the earth. The presence of Hans and the news coming from Iceland made them change their minds.
    The people celebrated the characters. Speeches made and the Professor became famous and told his story to the people several times. He also wrote about the journey and the scientists argued with him.

    Hans decided to return home and refused to stay with them in Hamburg. The Professor and Axel were sad. They shook hands for the last time when Hans went on board his ship.

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth

    Chapter Ten

    1. When did Axel know that they were back on the surface of the earth?
    Because when he awoke, he was lyingكان يرقد on a steep mountain. He could see the sky.
    2. What could Axel see when he looked down the mountain?
    He could see tall green trees and little gardensحدائق .
    3. Why was Hans sure they weren't in Iceland?
    The sun was hot and the ground was dry.
    4. What did they eat as they were climbing down?
    They picked and ate some sweet fruit.
    5. Which country did Axel and his uncle reach when they returned to the surface of the earth?
    They reachedوصلوا إلى Italy.
    6. How did they know that they were in Italy?
    Because the boy talked to them in Italian.
    7. How were the people of San Vicenzo kind toطيبين the characters?
    They gave them food and drink . They gave them new clothes because their old clothes were no more than ragsملابس بالية .
    8. How did the characters return to the surface of the earth?
    They returned through the active volcano of Stromboli
    9. How did the people in Hamburgcelebrate the professor and Axel ?
    They held celebrations. Speeches were made in their honour. The professor told the story many times.
    10. What did Hans decide to do at the end?
    He decided to go to Iceland.
    11. Why did Hans leave Hamburg?
    He left because he wanted to return to Iceland.
    Why did the people in Hamburgbelieveيعتقدون that the characters had traveled to the centre of the earth?
    Because Hans was with them.
    Where did Hans go after the journey?
    He went to Iceland.
    What made Lidenbrock become a great man?
    He became great because he made a journey to the centre of the earth.
    Why did Axel love Hans?
    Because he was calm and sensible.


    Hans was right when he said it was not Icelandbecause …………………………………….……..
    the sun was very hot . The ground was dry.
    2. The characters returned to the surface of the earth through………………………………………….…….
    the active volcano of Stromboli.
    3. In order to return from San Vicenzo, the characters……………………………………….…………
    went to Marseilles by boat and took the train to Hamburg.
    4. Hans left Hamburgbecause ………………………………………….…….
    he wanted to return to Iceland.
    5. The three men knew that they were in Italy because …………………………………….…….
    the boy talked to them in Italian.

    Chapter Nine

    How were the men going after the explosion? What happened next?
    They were going over a big waterfall. The water was driving them up quickly . they were inside a chimney.
    2. Why couldn't the professor eat ?
    Because nearlyتقريبا their food had been lost.
    3. What made the professor know that they were in the middle of an active volcano?
    Because the compass was going crazy.
    4. What was the effectتأثير of the volcano on the needle of the compass?
    It was going crazy.
    5. Why was the compass going crazy?
    Because there was an active volcano.
    6. How did the professor feel when he looked at the compass?
    He felt happy and excited.
    7. How was the eruption of the volcano helpful to the three men?
    Because the volcano would returnيرجع them to the surface of the Earth.
    8. What happened when the Volcano erupted?
    There were explosions and falling rocks. There were waves of red lava. There were flamesلهب. They were pushed up towards the opening of the crater.


    1. The needle of the compass was moving in all directions because ………………………………………….
    there was an active volcano.
    2. As the raft continued to go up ………………………………………….…….
    the men hثld onتشبثوا to each other.
    3. Axel didn’t remember much about the explosion because …….
    he fainted.
    4. Axel fainted because …………………………
    the heat around them was unbearable.
    5. After Axel came to himself, he found himself
    lying on a steep mountain slope. They were back.
    6. The active volcano helped the three men to………….
    return to the surface of the earth.

    Chapter Eight

    Where did Axel find a knife?
    He found it on the sand.
    2. What did the professor noticeلاحظabout the steel knife?
    Its blade was rough.
    3. Why did Lidenbrock say that the knife was only a few hundred years old?
    Because it was made of steel.
    4. Where did the men find the letters A.S?
    They found them on a rock.
    5. What did the letters A.S meanتعنى?
    They meant Arne Saknussemm.
    6. Why did the characters have to blow upينسفthe huge rock?
    Because it was their only hope to return.
    7. How did Axel blow up the rock that blocked their way?
    He used gunpowder.
    8. What did the three men do when the raft was pushed up?
    They held on to each other to preventتمنع them from being thrown off the raft.
    9. How did the characters lose all their food, water and tools?
    When the rock exploded, the water was running quickly. Their things were lost.


    1. As soon as they saw the letters A.S carved in stone, the characters knew……………………………
    that Arne Saknussemm reached that place.
    2. The blade of the knife was rough because
    Arne Saknussemm carved his initialsالحروف الأولى on a rock with it.
    3. Hans and Axel couldn't break the rock with pickaxe because ……………………………….……
    it was very hard.
    4. Axel and Hans blew up the huge rock by ………
    using gunpowder.
    Hans and Axel used gunpowder to ………………………………………….…….
    blow up the huge rock.
    Axel wasn’t worried about losing their food and water because ………………………………………….…….
    he felt they would die anyway.

    chapter seven

    how far did they travel on the lidenbrock sea?
    one hundredand fifty-five kilomet
    how did hans catch fish?
    he tied a hook on to the end of a rope.
    what was the fish like?
    ithad a flat head but no tail or eyes. it was extinct.
    how did the professor measurw the depth of the sea?
    he tied a pickaxe to the end of a long rope.
    why had the raft been lifted out of the water?
    because a huge sea monster had thrown it into the air
    why didn't the monsters attack the characters?
    because they attacked each others ,disappeared beneath the sea until one of them died.
    what was the fountain of water?
    it was a geyser
    what **************** did the professor give to the islaind?
    axel island
    what did they find alon the shore of the lidenbrock sea?
    bones of extinct animals and the skull of a human.
    what was strange about the forest?
    it was not green,but pale yellow like the colour of sand. the trees had no lower could see through the forest
    how did axel know that the animals were mammoths?
    he had seen their pictures in his science book.
    what was the giant shepherd like?
    he was more tha three metres tall and he had long hair.
    what was the giant shepherd doing?
    he was looking after his flock of sheep.
    why did the characters run fast to the lidenbrock sea?
    because axel was afraid of the giant shepherd.

    Chapter Six

    Whose voiceمن صاحبالصوتdid Axel hear when he woke up?
    He heard his uncle's voice.
    2. Why did the professor ask Axel to **************** to himينادى عليه again?
    to calculate the distance between them.
    3. What happened to Axel as he was walking?
    He fell down because the slope was very steepمنحدر جدا . His head hit a sharp rock. So, he fainted again.
    4. Where was the sea that the professor had found?
    It was before the hall inside the Earth.
    5. What did Axel and the professor find along the shore of the sea?
    They found mushrooms, bones of extinct animals and other plants.
    6. What were the giant عملاقةumbrellas along the shore of the sea?
    They were mushrooms.
    7. What was strange about the light?
    It was cold and white unlikeعلى عكس the sunlight or moonlight.
    8. Where were they? Describe the place.
    They were in a huge cave. There was a roof سقف of rock above a sky of white clouds. The light was white and cold.
    9. What did the professor **************** the Sea which he had found?
    He ****************d it " The Lidenbrock Sea".
    What **************** did the professor give to the Sea?
    It was " The Lidenbrock Sea".
    10. What did they see along the shore of the LidenbrockSea?
    They saw mushrooms , bones of extinct animals and other plants.
    11. Why did Hans make a raft?
    To explore the Lidenbrock Sea.
    12. How did Hans make a raft?
    He cut down some trees. He tied them together to make a raft.


    1. When Axel awoke, he heard……………………………….……
    the noise of wavesالأمواج and the voice of his uncle.

    2. To calculate how far apart they were, Lidenbrock asked Axel to …………
    **************** to him again.

    3. The professor gave a cry of joy because ……………………………….……
    because Axel was a live.


    1. How did the professor know that Axel was six kilometres away from them?
    How did Axel's voice help professor Lidenbrock?
    He asked him to **************** again. His voice took 20 seconds to reachليصل إلى the professor. So, he knew it was 6 km

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